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New Ep comming up soon.

2007-09-30 21:26:22 by PhotoJournalist

Hey guys and girls. My new episode of my new zombie series will be coming out soon. I'm working my ass off trying to be this piece done.

I could use voice actors so if anyone is interested IM me and send me a voice sample.

Also I'm looking for a new name of my zombie series because I am getting a lot of criticism so I'm planning on changing it. If anyone has ideas IM me.



New Ep comming up soon.


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2007-11-20 07:40:20

Have you had any problem with this? I´ve just read the date and the flash has not been uploaded yet...
I´ll try to think of some way to give you a hand (Although I´m in need of one too...).
Don´t quit it.
I mean it.

PhotoJournalist responds:

haha dont worry, i just have focused my mind and time on other things, right now im working on a flash for the undead collab, and once i that's complete i will go back. trust me, this is my baby, lol thanks,

also, what do you need help with?